Finnish design from Ruoholahti to any corner of the world

Design from Finland is a registered mark, which indicates the Finnish origin of high-quality design. The mark was first introduced in 2011, and Wulff Entre received it in April 2013.

Wulff Entre operates everywhere in the world, and many of our subcontractors are from abroad. We decided to apply for the mark because we wished to emphasise the Finnish origin of our design. All over the world, Nordic design conveys an image of high quality, and that image is well-deserved.

The mark is granted for high-level design work

The entity behind the Design from Finland Mark is the Association for Finnish Work, and the Mark is a sister to the well-known Key Flag Symbol. In order to be granted the Mark, a company or product needs to fulfil certain criteria and preconditions. In our case, we applied for the mark specifically for our design work - our designs may travel to any corner of the world, but they always originate in Ruoholahti, Helsinki

The value of any mark derives from people's awareness of it, which is created by constant and consistent exposure. That is why you can find the Design from Finland mark at the lower right corner of each and every one of our design pictures.