Terms of Delivery

1. Wulff Entre's services

Wulff Entre produces design and construction services, information, publications, events and value-added services related to them, projects and other marketing services (hereafter ìserviceî) designated, in the first place, to promote the internationalization of Finnish businesses.

2. The client

The term ìclientî here refers to any legal entity or natural person who has placed an order for a service with Wulff Entre Ltd based on Wulff Entre's tender, or whose order the supplier has otherwise accepted.

Wulff Entre may, at its discretion, choose its clients or set conditions on the client relationship.

3. Secondary client

A clientís partner (such as a subsidiary company) may, with the supplierís consent, partake in the service with or instead of the actual client. The conditions given in this document also apply to such secondary clients; however, the primary client always remains liable for the secondary clientís payment and adherence to sales conditions, and is responsible for forwarding all conditions and instructions concerning the service to the secondary client.

4. Planning the service

The supplier is responsible for planning and carrying out the service according to the plan outlined in the tender. The clientís views will be taken into account, where possible, in planning the service. The client commits to providing any information necessary in planning the service, on both its own and any secondary clientsí behalf, and to following the service plan.

5. Preliminary information provided by Wulff Entre

Wulff Entre will provide all of the preliminary information concerning the service without liability. This also applies to the cost estimate, unless otherwise stated. It is Wulff Entre's duty to inform the client of any changes to the cost estimate.

6. The tender

The content of the service and any special conditions, different from those given in this document, are outlined in Entre's service-specific tender. The conditions given in the tender take precedence over the conditions given in this document as well as over the service-specific special conditions mentioned in section 19 below.

7. The order

The client will place an order for the service by the means indicated by Wulff Entre by the deadline date. Wulff Entre has the right to accept orders placed after the deadline, but is not obligated to do so.

8. Client information required by Wulff Entre

The client must provide any information Wulff Entre may require in planning and reporting on the service.

The client commits to informing Wulff Entre of the goals it has set for the service upon request, and to following up with a post-completion Customer Satisfaction Inquiry, designated to improve the results and effectiveness of the supplierís operations.

9. The order contract

An order contract is established between Wulff Entre and the client when Wulff Entre has received the clientís order and has responded with a confirmation of the order. However, if Wulff Entre has approached the client with a written tender, a contract is established when the client accepts the tender in writing.

10. Compensation and cancellations

Wulff Entre has the right to revoke an order contract if the service is canceled for reasons beyond Entre's control, if Wulff Entre considers registration too low, or if registration needs to be limited. Wulff Entre is obligated to inform the client immediately as such circumstances arise. Wulff Entre is not obligated to pay the client compensation for having revoked the contract.

Should the service be cancelled, Wulff Entre will reimburse the client all payments already made, less any expenses incurred to date during service production. If the Service is cancelled as a result of limited client registration, Wulff Entre will fully reimburse the client for payments already made related to the Service in question. The cancellation of the Service will not affect other arrangements and service agreements agreed upon between Wulff Entre and the client even if these other services had been agreed upon in the same contract with the Service. In case these services cannot be produced due to the cancellation, Wulff Entre has the right to cancel also these other services with corresponding terms.

If the client cancels the order after an order contract has been established, or if the supplier revokes the contract on the basis of the client's non-adherence to the contract, the client is liable to fully compensate Entre for any expenses incurred by the client, such as in the following: space rental, stand design and construction, travel and accommodation, marketing strategy and materials, possible additional subcontracting fees and Wulff Entre's labor.

The client or the supplier must cancel the order or revoke the contract in writing.

11. Service price

The client is liable for the service costs stated in the order contract or otherwise separately agreed upon. Additionally, the client is liable for any client-specific separate costs they incur.

12. Taxes

Wulff Entre has the right to invoice the client for any value-added tax or equivalent tax or fee, regardless of name, that it has to pay on any of the services outlined in the order contract.

13. Changes in the exchange rate

Should subcontracting or other costs related to the service increase, compared with the price level of the order, due to changes in the exchange rate or the subcontractorís unilateral price increase, Wulff Entre has a right to invoice the client for all the extra expense incurred, in addition to the price tendered.

14. Invoicing

The client commits to paying the price of the service according to Wulff Entre's invoice by the deadline mentioned in the tender or otherwise announced by the supplier.

Wulff Entre invoices the client immediately upon the establishment of an order contract for fifty (50) percent of the total invoice or at least 1 000 euro as advance payment unless otherwise stated in writing by Wulff Entre. If the order contract is established less than four (4) months prior to the date the service is carried out, Wulff Entre invoices the client immediately for eighty (80) percent of the total invoice. If the value of the order is less than 1 000 euro Wulff Entre invoices the full amount after the contract has been established. Wulff Entre has the right to invoice the client on agreed purchases, according to the order contract or agreed upon in any other way in writing with the client, (i.e. space rental) once the expenses have occurred.

The client is liable to pay all supplier invoices related to the service before the date the service is carried out. If not paid, Wulff Entre reserves the right to deny the client the service.

Wulff Entre charges separate joint and company related costs, which occur during or after the event, immediately following the event.

Wulff Entre has the right to charge a sixteen (16) percent annual interest on overdue payments.

15. Special conditions set by Wulff Entre

The client must follow the written or oral instructions, intended to aid in successfully carrying out the service, given by Wulff Entre or its representative.

The client commits to adhering to the rules of participation as defined by the organizer of the event.

The client is responsible for ensuring that its activities or representatives do not jeopardize the success of other clients of Wulff Entre or the service. In such cases, Wulff Entre has the right to revoke the contract and invoice the client for expenses incurred.

Wulff Entre retains all rights to any recording of the clientís stand as made by Wulff Entre. Wulff Entre reserves the right to publish as its own reference any recording of a stand it has designed or otherwise produced for the client.


16. Packing, transport and assembly

Unless Wulff Entre and the client have previously agreed to cooperate in any packing, transport and assembly that may be required, the client is responsible for packing, transporting, assembling and removing the material needed in the service at its own expense. Should the client fail to remove the material from the site of the event, Entre has the right to undertake the removal at the clientís expense and risk.

17. Insurance

The client is responsible for obtaining insurance for its representatives in the event, its material, and the abovementioned processes of packing, transport and assembly.

The client is liable for any accidents and losses taking place during the planning of the service, the event itself, and dismantling. Any insurance arrangements must be made by the client.

18. Deviation from the supply conditions

Wulff Entre's written consent is required for any departure from the supply conditions outlined in this document. Wulff Entre may apply service-specific special conditions different from these general conditions. In such cases, Wulff Entre is obligated to inform the client of the service-specific special conditions before an order contract is established. The conditions given in this document only apply where they do not contradict existing service-specific special conditions.

19. Other liabilities

Wulff Entre will carry out the service in accordance with the order contract. However, Wulff Entre is not responsible for the accuracy of the information presented in information products.

Wulff Entre's liability is in all cases limited to the payments made to it by the client.

Wulff Entre is under no circumstances liable for any indirect or mediate damage caused to the client.

Any claims against the supplier must be presented within a month of the completion or termination of the service.

20. Transferring a contract

The client may not transfer its rights and liabilities under an order contract to an outside party without Wulff Entre's written consent.

21. Disputes and legal recourse

Any disagreements between Entre and the client concerning the service will be settled by the Helsinki District Court. Finnish law will be applied to the contract.